Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Family Reunion

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Atlanta Newborn Photography | Family Reunion

When a family tells me they are coming in for a newborn photography session, I think, “okay – let’s make sure the studio has everything Mom and Dad might need while they are here.” Well, with this particular session, I had a few more people to think about.

For the Vayman crew, our session was a full on family affair. In addition to mom, dad and baby, both sets of grandparents came – two flew in for the special occasion – along with the wonderful great-grandmother. Let me just tell you…watching great-grandma hold that baby boy was a sight I pray I carry with me for the rest of my life. There is something about a seeing the family matriarch, well into her 90s, holding the newest family addition – barely 9 days old. My eyes well up just thinking about. So much life lived and so much yet to come. It is absolutely amazing

While on the topic of beautiful moments, let me just gush over mom and that white dress for a second. I mean, hello. Not only was she a vision in white, but a maternal vision at that. There was something about that dress…it gave her a sort of air about her. A strong, yet vulnerable vibe that only mothers can truly posses. Something that says, “I will protect you as my own, but also, here’s my heart – take it.” Motherhood looks good on her, I must say.

People always ask me what they should wear and I always tell them, “whatever feels best.” Mom and Dad dress differently each time and I love to have the variety. One thing I will say, however, is to keep your outfits simple. For another example of what to wear, take a look at our recent sitting-up session with this cutie and momma.

It was such a joy to have this family in our studio. We know that crazy, on-the-go family moments like this are inevitable, so to help you tackle them like a pro, Fawn Design has created a beautiful diaper bag for all of you parents in need. All of their stuff is on my wishlist!

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