Seeing Them Grow | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Seeing Them Grow | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Milestone Sessions

Seeing them grow — this is one of my favorite aspects of our milestone sessions, since we brought them back last year. We meet most of our wonderful (baby) clients when they are about one week old. {Fun fact: Newborn pictures are taken during the first two weeks after the baby is born.} Our first love will always be cuddling on all the newborn babies and capturing the first images of your precious bundles of joy…but it is so much fun having them back for a sitting up session, around seven months, to see how much they’ve grown! Recently we caught up with Gavin in our studio for his milestone session! It was wonderful chatting with his mom about all the great new things he’s learning and getting into…including all his big sister’s stuff. Reminiscing about how tiny and small he was just a few month ago, contrasted with his session today…with all his chubby rolls and sweet smiles, including those precious dimples. *swoon*

When to book?

Instead of waiting for a newborn brother or sister to come along to see all of our wonderful families again, because that is just too much time to wait, we would love to catch up with you and your family at one of our milestone sessions. It is the perfect time to capture your little one in all their adorable sweetness, before they start crawling…or walking away. Parents and siblings welcome!

How to book?

Contact us at when your little one is around six months old, so that we can get you on the schedule right when they begin to crawl and can sit up independently.

In the meantime…

Enjoy all of these sweet pictures of Gavin at his latest (sitting up) milestone session. Can’t get enough of all the cuteness? Feel free to check out little Beau’s sitting up session as well. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our blog so you can see the latest sessions and studio updates from Jess Kamm Photography.

Happy 2019!!  We can’t wait to see you soon! xo

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