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How You’ve Grown | Atlanta Baby Photographer

One thing you come to terms with as a (baby) photographer is the idea of change as a constant; editing processes simplify, cameras become more intricately put together, and the babies you swear you just had a newborn session with last month are almost one year old and are back to see you for another round. Though all of these ring true to my life, the purpose of today circles around the latter. Let me just tell you how happy I was to have little man back for a sitting up session, but also – time, slow down, would ya?!

We first met Beau during his newborn session with Heidi last year. He was Mr. Personality even then, so to see him now was full on entertainment. He absolutely lit up the entire studio. Once little man’s family came in, got settled and unloaded, baby Beau was ready to explore, and I got the low-down on the happenings since we last met. As always, I love getting caught up on all of the milestones our babies surpass – sitting up being one of Beau’s.

We began doing sitting up sessions when we looked at our girls – my three and Heidi’s one – only to realize how much time had passed and that it showed no intention of slowing down. We, being photographers, have been blessed to be able to capture a lot of special moments with our children, and we wanted to give that opportunity to others around us. These moments are not coming back, so let them be celebrated and memorialized right here and now.

As you can tell from Beau’s session, we really hone in on capturing each personality. No baby is the same and we really just go with what we feel works with each session and child. This keeps the photos genuine and true to our subjects.

Since introducing sitting up sessions, I have had an excuse to do MORE prop shopping – Beau’s crown being one of the new additions. Thank you, Seed Factory. To see more of our sitting up session, look here.

Cheers to the weekend,

xx Jess

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