Newborn Photography Atlanta | Sibling Snuggles with Porter

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Newborn Photography Atlanta | Sibling Snuggles with Porter

In the sweet land of newborn photography, you know what warms my heart and makes it burst simultaneously? Creamy tones and sibling snuggles.

So, when it came to little man Porter’s session, it is safe to say that I was in emotional overload. First of all, can we please talk about these beautiful sisters of his? All three of them with that dark hair – oh my goodness. I had to grab a couple of shots of his hair up close. I was swooning. Family moments like these are so special, because think about it – when are they ever going to be that little again? When are they ever going to be that QUIET together again? The chances are slim, y’all. So, I love capturing still shots of a moment that will never be quite the same moving forward.

These precious nuggets cuddled, laughed, and were so gentle with baby brother. I love watching the interaction between the three of them. The tender kiss on the forehead from big sisters, while they gently snuggled up close; mom and dad stand behind the camera, smiling from ear to ear. It’s the energy from moments like these that I think to myself, “how much luckier could a girl get?”

Apparently, a lot more, because after big sisters were off duty, my imagination and I had a field day. I was digging through the stash of blankets, caps and props; pulling a variety of tones that turned out beautifully for this session. Everything from golden beanies to dark gray wool – warm and cool. I’m in sensory overload just looking at these photos.

Speaking of feels, make sure to take look at a little throwback to our twin sibling session with Kian and Callen. I told you, I’m a sucker for sibling love.

Also, if you’re loving big sisters’ dresses as much as I am, check out Old Navy’s tutu dress. It is such a perfect option for your upcoming session. Excuse me while I go grab one for all three of my girls…in every color.

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