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Atlanta Baby Photographer | What to Expect

You know what can be a real downer when it comes to prepping for your next professional photography session? The stress of not knowing exactly what you need to prepare.

So, I am here with some quick highlights to help that night before prep session be a little less hectic.

What should you wear?

Putting together an outfit for your shoot can be stressful, but let me just tell you – simplicity is key. Contrary to what is often believed, more formal ensembles do not usually turn out well. If you’re lost, just know that you are not alone. Most people are unsure of how to dress for a shoot. Luckily, at Jess Kamm Photography, we take a lot of the guessing games out of the equation by providing our clients with a lot of the outfits you see in our photos. We have everything from maternity dresses, men’s shirts, toddler outfits and body wraps for baby and mom on demand in the studio.

If you want to bring your own clothing, no problem. Just ensure to pick items that are very neutral and avoid heavy patterns. The darker the skin tone, the more wiggle room there is for darker colors, like dark blue, black or brown. The lighter the skin color, we have found that whites and light blues or greens work best. Take a look above at mom and big sister, for example. Their simple tank and dress don’t take away from the shots and blend well with the color schemes that were chosen. Are you melting? Because I’m melting.

What should you pack?

Extra food! Sessions normally take up to five hours, so I always say bring more than you think you need to feed everyone – baby, mom, dad and anyone else that is in your party.┬áThe worst thing is when baby starts to get hungry towards the end of our time together and refuses to sleep. Or if dad starts to get hungry and anxious, and baby senses that, too. Just like any scenario in life, if we’re all fed, we’re happy – right?

Make a day of it.

Your newborn, baby or maternity session is a time devoted to you and your family – relish in it. I always advise families against scheduling any appointments after their session, because watching the clock can take away from the joy of these few hours. A little down time to celebrate this new portion of life is good for the soul. Not to mention, baby can sense your feelings. So, if you’re biting your nails, worried about being somewhere on time, baby won’t sleep. The photos happen once in a babies lifetime. So, the most perfect day is what we’re aiming for, right?

As usual, once you book with us, we can answer any and all questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and your little bundle.


Have a wonderful rest of the week,

Xx Jess

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