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I cannot get enough of this lace bonnet! The lace is so feminine and is so elegant to photograph, and it looks amazing on this sweet girl. What props or accessories would you like to see or use for your sessions? I am always looking for something to add to a photo to make it unique, I would love to hear from you! Comment to let us know who your favorite vendors are or what kind of accessories you would like to see! One of my favorite props to use is the old crate you can see in this session, it is an antique piece that I found at a small flea market. You can find the best things at those flea markets that are off the beaten path: 

I hope this family loves this session and cherishes these photos in the future! This time is so fleeting. Are you expecting? Let us know, we would love to meet you and your new precious bundle for their own special session!

As I Watch You Sleep

© Wanda L. Gossett

Published: February 2006

I watched a little face sleeping,
Eyelashes fluttering so,
I wondered of the dream you were having,
and if Angels were playing there.

I watched a little face sleeping,
Your little mouth was smiling so,
I hope that you are as happy as me,
holding you in my arms.

I watched a little face sleeping,
making sure of the breath you take,
to watch you breathe and keep you safe,
is all that matters to me.

I watched a little face sleeping,
holding your small hand in mine,
five little fingers on each hand,
as one hangs onto mine.

I watched a little face sleeping,
and as I prayed to myself,
I thank God for letting me
watch a little face sleeping.


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