Creating the Perfect Photo | Atlanta Baby Photography (2018)

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Creating the Perfect Photo | Atlanta Baby Photography

In the land of baby photography, there are so many avenues in which we, as photographers, are required to familiarize ourselves with. Each one filled with questions like, “What lighting do we use?”, “Where should we purchase our props?”, and “How many different type of blankets do we need?,” and the list continues for about 10 more miles, I assure you. Out of all of the factors that come into play, there are three that are of the upmost importance:

The Family

At the beginning of Jess Kamm Photography, once question I initially pinned down was, “How do I want to go about making each session unique?” The answer to that was simple – I wanted the families in on the brainstorming! After a session is booked, we get together with our clients for guidance on how to customize their photos to fit their homes and preferences. This allows us to learn which colors the family prefers, what positions they would love to have the baby captured in, and allow them to browse through ALL of our props to choose the ones they love most. We even discuss the color palettes found within their home to ensure the photos blend beautifully with what is already there.

Side note: At Jess Kamm, our style is very organic, meaning there is a natural hue to all of our tones. Adding texture and color into each photo is one of our  favorite things to do, but never so much that it distracts from the real beauty – the darling baby.

The Session

When the big day came for Baby G (pictured above) to make his camera debut, all of the groundwork has been laid, allowing us to focus on what we do best – capturing the most beautiful keepsakes to last a lifetime. The studio was cozy and warm, the sound machine was rolling and our professional touch had been added to all the ideas we discussed with his family prior – all the ingredients required for a magical day! Our little, wild-haired hunk refused to sleep for the first portion of the session, but he soon grew bored of my face and camera lens, and decided a snooze sounded like more fun. A few wide awake photos can be great, because they showcase a little of the babies’ personality and add variety.

Love for it all

Apart from all else, we adore what we do – and that is crucial. You can plan the perfect poses and choose the coziest blanket, but if you heart is not in it, it will show. Photography IS our heart’s work. We are so grateful for the time we are able to spend with each family, learning about one another and gifting them with a piece to fill their homes with. There is nothing quite like it.

Thank you for allowing us to live our dream,

xx Jess

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