Baby Eyes | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

newborn wearing a bonnetflower headband on newbornmacro shot of a newborn baby

bundled up baby on a fuzzy rugBaby Eyes | Atlanta Newborn Photographermacro shot of newborn baby wearing a headband

sleeping newborn posed wearing a headband

macro shot of newborn baby lipssleeping baby posed in a wrap

 Those baby eyes have so much to say, I love when we can capture a shot like this! While she slept for most of our session together, this little beauty was awake toward the end. That’s ok, she gave us this beautiful shot of her open eyes! This little girl was just amazing to work with. Her beautiful dark hair let me play with a few of my headbands, which always makes these sessions so precious. They look so dainty and perfect.
Very similar to this little boy who was too curious to sleep, but we were able to capture some beautiful pictures! 

Do you know the ideal age for these sessions? When your little one is 10 days old they go through their first growth spurt, so we need to photograph them between 7 and 10 days old. This experience is literally once in a lifetime, this time will pass so quickly that you will always be glad you have these memories. Are you or someone you know expecting? Book with us today, we can get you scheduled for the perfect time frame and start thinking of perfect poses and props for to make your session unique!

Baby Eyes | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Large Baby eyes smiling joyfully at me,
Baby eyes as brown as can be.
Two deep pools most innocent and bright,
To me are symbols of sheer delight.
May I greet you every single day?
For you are sunshine on my way.
Other people see you smile so sweet,
All are happier when you they meet.
Eyes are the windows to the soul,
No difficulties for you reaching your goal.
So sweet baby go on life’s way,
Those Baby eyes have much to say.


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