Atlanta Newborn Photography | Gift Giving (2018)

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Our Gift to You | Atlanta Newborn Photography (2018)

Someone recently said to me, “I bet newborn photography can often become monotonous. So, what goes through your mind while shooting? Editing?”

My answer: I imagine the family’s face when they see these final shots of their most perfect gift.

I would never look at anything we do as monotonous. I mean, look at what who we get to photograph. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful that baby girl above? Rather, I would say it is all a part of the process leading up to the big moment at the end – handing over these beautiful photos for a family to hold on to forever. To put it into perspective: imagine a time when you found the most wonderful gift for a loved one of yours. Along with it, you probably bought the best wrapping paper, a fitting card for the occasion and because you knew how much they were going to love it, thought numerous times about giving it to them early.  That’s how we feel every. single. day.

We all yield a divine gift and for most of us, those gifts lead to certain professions – to our art, if you will. My art is to memorialize the gift of new life. From the moment our darling babies debut, they begin to change. What they look like at two weeks (typically the time frame in which we work) will resemble very little of what they look like a few months down the road. So for us, we capture those little details for you. As a parent, you will always be able to remember the way you felt when they were that little, but you won’t be able to recall the bow of his lip or the curvature of her lashes. With these photos, you will. Can you imagine the feels?!

That’s why it is so important to not only have these pictures taken, but to have them printed and hung in your home. Can you see it like I see it? Raising your tribe in a house filled with toys, grade school art and of course, photos of your littles when they were at their tiniest. Sounds like a cozy, love-filled Heaven, right?

I love playing “Who’s Who” with my three girls’ and their newborn photos. We giggle over the similarity of their eyes or the difference in their smiles. They rarely guess it right, but the fun of it all never ceases. Heidi’s little one, Sloan, loves to look at her newborn photos and tell her mommy about when she was a baby. All four of them look so different now and it’s turned into such a special time spent in each of our homes.

Cheers to collecting all of the memories!

Have a great week!

xx Jess

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