Happy Friday with Ernie | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

posing a dog for studio picturesHappy Friday with Ernie is back!

It has been awhile since I posted a picture old Ernie on the studio blog. Back in the day before I was married, he would make an appearance on the blog almost every Friday. Well people, we are bringing it back! I was in the studio this week photographing my sisters baby and Ernie wandered in and laid down on a blanket. She had to feed the baby, so I started wrapping Ernie up and posing him. ┬áThat dog will let me do anything I want to him! He definitely needs a bath and a hair trim this week though! Those little bottom teeth get me every time, haha. Next time I will get his nose in focus too, I’m not use to shooting a subject with a long snout!!

I’ve had this little guy for 10 years, wow! He really was my first child, but I can tell he is getting a little older. He has relaxed more around new people and has accepted my girls petting and loving on him. Let’s see what he lets me dress him in next time!

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