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Newborn Photography Atlanta | Sibling Snuggles with Porter

In the sweet land of newborn photography, you know what warms my heart and makes it burst simultaneously? Creamy tones and sibling snuggles.

So, when it came to little man Porter’s session, it is safe to say that I was in emotional overload. First of all, can we please talk about these beautiful sisters of his? All three of them with that dark hair – oh my goodness. I had to grab a couple of shots of his hair up close. I was swooning. Family moments like these are so special, because think about it – when are they ever going to be that little again? When are they ever going to be that QUIET together again? The chances are slim, y’all. So, I love capturing still shots of a moment that will never be quite the same moving forward.

These precious nuggets cuddled, laughed, and were so gentle with baby brother. I love watching the interaction between the three of them. The tender kiss on the forehead from big sisters, while they gently snuggled up close; mom and dad stand behind the camera, smiling from ear to ear. It’s the energy from moments like these that I think to myself, “how much luckier could a girl get?”

Apparently, a lot more, because after big sisters were off duty, my imagination and I had a field day. I was digging through the stash of blankets, caps and props; pulling a variety of tones that turned out beautifully for this session. Everything from golden beanies to dark gray wool – warm and cool. I’m in sensory overload just looking at these photos.

Speaking of feels, make sure to take look at a little throwback to our twin sibling session with Kian and Callen. I told you, I’m a sucker for sibling love.

Also, if you’re loving big sisters’ dresses as much as I am, check out Old Navy’s tutu dress. It is such a perfect option for your upcoming session. Excuse me while I go grab one for all three of my girls…in every color.

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The Best Newborn Photographer in Atlanta
The Best Newborn Photographer in Atlanta

If you would have told me years ago, when I began this little business of mine, that we would be recognized as the best newborn photographer in Atlanta, I am not sure I would have believed you.

Like many other women, I carry around several different titles – mother, daughter, wife, business owner – just to name a few, and sometimes it can be difficult to be good at all of them at all times. That is why I have always tried to focus less on being “good” at what life has handed me, and more on doing what my heart feels is right as I perform in my certain roles. When I added “newborn photographer” to my list of titles years ago, it absolutely felt right. My heart was in it from the beginning. From a young age, the idea of capturing precious baby moments for families was an opportunity I knew I was called to do.

As a photographer, just being able to take beautiful photographs and cuddle sweet babies is enough for me. So, when someone takes a look at our photos and deems them worthy of recognition, it’s an over-the-moon kind of feeling for everyone. That is why I am so thrilled to share that Jess Kamm Photography’s “heart work” was once again recognized as one of Expertise’s “Best Newborn Photographers in Atlanta” for 2018. After surveying 220 newborn photographers here in Atlanta, Expertise narrowed it down to the top 22. Don’t worry, I’ve been saying it out loud since I received the email just to ensure that I fully accepted the reality of it. We are smiling so hard and are unbelievably grateful to have made the list.

If I have said it once, then I have said it one million times – thank you to all of the families that make our work so magnificent. It’s easy to do what you love when you’re surrounded by wonderful people and their precious blessings. We all are on our own crazy journeys, and we have loved being able to capture some of your newest beginnings.

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New This Year | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

New Year, same sweet baby faces. The new year always brings a sense of inspiration with it, don’t you think? It encourages me to reflect on the beautiful moments I experienced in the past year, while reminding me to also look ahead, and envision what I want for myself, the studio and the families we work with. This session reflects on those visions – the return of sitting up sessions.

I was thrilled to have baby Jacob back in the studio with us. My goodness – how he has grown. The last time we saw this baby boy he was only one week old. Now, he is sturdy, smiley and totally interactive. During the session, Jacob was nothing but cute baby giggles the whole time. Laughing at mommy and daddy as they made silly faces behind the camera.

The ideal age for our sitting up sessions is anywhere between 7 to 10 months. If your baby can sit up on their own, but not yet crawl away, then these photographs will be perfect for your family. Also, make sure to take a peek at baby Jacob before he was all grown up, here.

I am so looking forward to this year with you all!

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Since we are both moms, we get lots of questions on where to find cute clothes and gifts for our little ones. I just popped into Seed Factory the other day and found the most precious books and outfits for my girls. Love having such an adorable local children’s boutique in my backyard!

If you would like more information about scheduling a newborn or sitting up session with us, please feel free to contact us at 404.444.3413 or We wish you a happy, healthy, and blessed 2018!

Follow us on Instagram: @jesskammphotography

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newborn posing


I cannot get enough of this lace bonnet! The lace is so feminine and is so elegant to photograph, and it looks amazing on this sweet girl. What props or accessories would you like to see or use for your sessions? I am always looking for something to add to a photo to make it unique, I would love to hear from you! Comment to let us know who your favorite vendors are or what kind of accessories you would like to see! One of my favorite props to use is the old crate you can see in this session, it is an antique piece that I found at a small flea market. You can find the best things at those flea markets that are off the beaten path: 

I hope this family loves this session and cherishes these photos in the future! This time is so fleeting. Are you expecting? Let us know, we would love to meet you and your new precious bundle for their own special session!

As I Watch You Sleep

© Wanda L. Gossett

Published: February 2006

I watched a little face sleeping,
Eyelashes fluttering so,
I wondered of the dream you were having,
and if Angels were playing there.

I watched a little face sleeping,
Your little mouth was smiling so,
I hope that you are as happy as me,
holding you in my arms.

I watched a little face sleeping,
making sure of the breath you take,
to watch you breathe and keep you safe,
is all that matters to me.

I watched a little face sleeping,
holding your small hand in mine,
five little fingers on each hand,
as one hangs onto mine.

I watched a little face sleeping,
and as I prayed to myself,
I thank God for letting me
watch a little face sleeping.


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posing a dog for studio picturesHappy Friday with Ernie is back!

It has been awhile since I posted a picture old Ernie on the studio blog. Back in the day before I was married, he would make an appearance on the blog almost every Friday. Well people, we are bringing it back! I was in the studio this week photographing my sisters baby and Ernie wandered in and laid down on a blanket. She had to feed the baby, so I started wrapping Ernie up and posing him.  That dog will let me do anything I want to him! He definitely needs a bath and a hair trim this week though! Those little bottom teeth get me every time, haha. Next time I will get his nose in focus too, I’m not use to shooting a subject with a long snout!!

I’ve had this little guy for 10 years, wow! He really was my first child, but I can tell he is getting a little older. He has relaxed more around new people and has accepted my girls petting and loving on him. Let’s see what he lets me dress him in next time!

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