About Us


MEET JESS: Jess had 3 babies in 4.5 years, so it’s safe to say she loves babies!  She has owned her own studio in Atlanta for almost 12 years.  Her favorite part of the session, besides holding your cute little bundle of joy, is pulling all of the looks together for our sessions.  She loves to shop for props, wraps, hats, etc…and that is an understatement 😉 Click here to see a full session by Jess.


– Cereal is one of my favorite foods EVER – especially Captain Crunch and Pops.

– I have an addiction to shoes and bags.

– Huge fan of anything metallic, this is not a phase!!

– I LOVE to travel and I want to go to every continent before I die.

– I wish I was capable of getting a tan.

– Orange is my favorite color.

– I was a gymnast back in the day – yes I can still do back handsprings and stuff.

– If I could have any super hero power it would be flying.

– Favorite scenario: stormy outside, popcorn and a movie!


MEET HEIDI: She is our fabulous Associate Photographer that has been with Jess for 3 years. She trained with Jess for a solid year before she started taking on her own clients.  She is obsessed with babies too and that’s why she is such a great fit for the studio. She has a 3 year old daughter and has that perfect motherly touch. Heidi offers mini sessions and full sessions, so there is something for everybody. Click here to check out a mini session by Heidi and click here for a full session by Heidi.


– I was a flight attendant for 5 years with AirTran. It was the best college job EVER!!

– Obviously I love to travel and have been to multiple countries, but Antarctica still remains at the top of my bucket list!

– I’m a HUGE football fan…being an Atlanta native, the Falcons are my #1 team!

– If I could live anywhere else in Atlanta, it would be Whole Foods or the Container Store.

– Workout clothes….do they every go out of style 😉



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